Supervised by: Site Supervisor/Mobile Supervisor/Operations Manager
Supervises: None

Responsible to secure client facilities and protect client's employees, customers, tenants and property from harm, theft, illegal actions and other negative events.
Status: Hourly

  • Secure client's facility, property, vehicles or other identified areas from unauthorized access, unwanted trespass of persons, damage, loss from fire or storm, internal system failure such as water pipes, electrical or HVAC failure, or other negative outcome.
  • Monitor facility and property doors, windows, gates, docks, etc. in person and/or through security alarm system and video surveillance. This may also include fire alarm systems, video systems, facility maintenance alarms or other security, safety or monitoring systems as required by the client. Document actions as required at each site or by Sentrex Security Systems, Inc.
  • Protect client's employees, customers, tenants, visitors, property, etc. from harm, theft, violence, damage or loss through appropriate control and handling of situations.
  • Create the perception by client and others of respect and trust in the Security Officer.
  • Greet and screen persons reporting to work or visiting client's premises. Instruct persons as per site requirements.
  • Investigate unusual occurrences or reports of security violations with urgency and good problem solving manner and process. Document information and contact appropriate persons.
  • Report to or notify supervisor, company management and client of all actions and/or log shift activities as per company requirements. Complete this within required time frames.
  • Stop, deter or thwart actions by persons to damage, steal client's property or conduct illegal activities, within reasonable concern for personal safety and company policy.
  • Contact emergency services, such as police, fire, ambulance, etc... with urgency and provide accurate and coherent information to support their response and resolution of the situation. Contact appropriate Sentrex Security Systems, Inc. and client representatives.

1925 Pine Avenue, Niagara Falls, New York 14301
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Paul A. Orsi

Christopher T. Pearson
Operations Manager

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